Ways to economize: read iBilly’s tips

It’s nice if you can economize on his time, or even better: take it with you for the rest of your life without you noticing it too much. A good life does not always have to be accompanied by (expensive) purchases. Did you know that buying stuff doesn’t make you happier at all? iBilly takes you through the ways to economize. Discover more.

Saving on groceries

Cutting back on groceries… you’re probably thinking right now: aren’t there other ways to cut back on food other than food? Eating and drinking are one of your basic needs. However, small changes can make a big difference. In the supermarket, A-brands are often chosen, yet private labels can quite often match the A-brands. The packaging may not be as pretty, but the quality is often the same. You can also choose to get some groceries at the market. You can often save on fruit and vegetables and it is often even fresher and therefore tastier! Also make sure that you do your shopping once or twice a week. This reduces the chance that you purchase unnecessary products. As for other household products such as cleaning agents: we are easily convinced to use a different product for each cleaning job. However, you can already get a lot done with cleaning vinegar. So be a little more aware of that.

Ways to economize around the house

In addition to groceries, there are of course many other fixed costs / purchases that you can cut back on:

  • Do you have a subscription to something? For example for a newspaper or magazine? It is of course very nice, but it does come with a price tag. Nowadays there are so many online possibilities, think of all news apps for example. Many times cheaper!
  • Do you also love online shopping? You can also deal with this in a conscious way. Ways to cut costs are: compare. Do you see that nice shirt in your favorite webshop? First compare some other providers with each other to make the most conscious choice.
  • Make sure you know what your fixed costs are. You can also set savings goals in the iBilly app. Bring on those extra reserves. You can use these for a nice holiday!

iBilly app: let the austerity begin

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