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Do you want to start tracking your income and expenses? Experience shows that you don’t last long if you enter everything manually. That’s why we developed the iBilly app! In our free app, you can keep track of all your income and expenses, as well as a lot of other useful features. This gives you a clear overview of your financial situation. It gives a lot of peace of mind to regain control of your money. Read on to find out all the features of the app. We also tell you all the advantages of our handy app, and where you can download it for free!

Keep track of all your income and expenses

Do you have different accounts? Maybe even at different banks? Then it can be difficult to keep an overview. In our app you can synchronize all those accounts so that you can immediately keep track of all your income and expenses in one place. This provides a handy overview so that you have insight into your financial situation at any time.

In the iBilly app you can choose to share your data, for example with your partner. You can indicate separately who can view the transfer for each transaction. If necessary, you can also switch directly to incognito mode. Then no one can look at your data anymore. That ensures that your data is always safe!

You can also link all your loyalty cards to the app. That way you can continue to benefit from offers and discounts in the store, while you no longer have to take all customer cards with you. Much easier and you won’t miss a single discount anymore!

The future holds no more surprises for you with iBilly! The smart app automatically calculates your future expectations. For example, keep track of expected income and expenses. That way you are always well prepared and you will not be faced with unexpected costs!

Budgets and Savings Goals

Another useful feature is setting budgets. If you want to regain control of your money, budgets are indispensable. By using this you will never spend more money than you intended. You can keep track of all your expenses and that provides security! It is also possible to enter your savings goals in the app. In this way you actively work towards a larger financial buffer. You’re back in charge of your finances!

Thanks to the handy and well-arranged app, you can immediately see where you could still save. Without such an overview, there is a good chance that you will miss such opportunities. When you use our app you can be sure that you will never spend too much money unnecessarily. That saves a lot of stress on your money matters.

Download the free app!

The iBilly app is easy to use and completely safe. We use highly secured connections and comply with all legislation. That gives you peace of mind! Do you also want to keep track of all your income and expenses? And much more? Download our app for free or choose one of our subscriptions. Do you still have questions? Would you like to discuss what is the best choice for you? Please contactus so we can help you right away!

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