Savings goals

That holiday to a sunny country, a new car, your child’s study… we would all like to save for something! But how can you tackle this? By setting up a savings goal, you make a concrete plan. You know exactly how much money you need to save and how you are going to do it. By working with a clear savings goal, you make it possible to actually achieve your goals! We can tell you exactly how it works.

A savings goal: why?

You probably already put a certain part of your income into your savings account every month. But if you don’t use a savings goal, you don’t work with a specific amount. The temptation to use the money from the savings account is then great. With a savings goal you determine exactly what you are saving for. You know where you started and what your end goal is. This ensures that you are focused on saving and that you remain motivated.

Determining savings goals

To set a savings goal, you must first determine exactly what you are going to save for. Many different goals are possible. We have listed a number of popular goals for you. For example, you can save for; emergencies, your children, a house, a renovation, a new car, major purchases, a long trip or an expensive education.

If you are setting up multiple savings goals, it is important to add up the amounts you want to save. You now know the total amount you need. You can divide this by the number of months in which you want to save the money. You can then save this monthly amount in 2 ways. You can use one savings account where you save the monthly amount. You then have to keep track of how much you have already saved per goal. You can also choose different accounts, each with the name of your goal. You then divide the monthly amount between the accounts. At any time you can easily see how much you have already saved per goal.

Keep track of your savings goals in the iBilly app!

Setting and tracking savings goals can involve some work. That’s why we developed the iBilly app for you! You can easily add and monitor savings goals in the app. This will save you a lot of work (and money!).

In addition, the app has many more useful functions. For example, adding your bank transactions, an overview of your income and expenses, sharing data with people of your choice, setting budgets, automatically calculated future expectations, and more!

Would you like to finally start saving seriously? Do you really want to achieve your savings goals? Download the iBilly app for free! Would you rather use various extra functions? Choose one of our subscriptions.

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