Saving money in household: how?

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Rising prices

Today, groceries and other household expenses have risen sharply in price. Don’t forget the very high gas prices. A little fact: from May to June, food prices have already risen by 1.5%. In one month’s time! It doesn’t look like it’s going to go down yet. Inflation is therefore likely to remain for a while. Not so nice to hear, if you still have your household expenses every month. It is true that it’s partly in your own hands. This is of course meant under the guise of ‘being aware of your expenses’. Knowing exactly where your money is going and what you are buying from it. Of course also whether this is actually necessary. Ultimately, you can see how you can invest this better and so you can take a lot of steps forward. Below you see a bar chart from Statistics Netherlands in which the harmonized consumer price index can be read.

The light blue bar is from June 2022 and the dark blue bar from May 2022. You can clearly see that food prices are still rising. So it is certainly not a bad idea to start saving money on your household from now on.

What can you do?

There are a number of factors that you can pay attention to when you want to save money in the household, for example for your groceries or cleaning products. Cleaning products are often quite pricey. One idea is to buy these products on sale or to go to a store like the Action. They buy their products in large quantities, which means that the purchase price is lower. It is also an idea to use home remedies as a cleaning product. You can do a lot with cleaning vinegar! Also save your unnecessary costs and make a shopping list. This makes you more aware of your purchases and you only buy what you really need.

Tip number 1 when it comes to shopping: don’t go if you are hungry! As a result, you tend to buy a lot more unnecessary products because you have an appetite for them at that moment. Most of the time they are not the healthiest choices either. In addition to your shopping list for the supermarket, you could also take a look at the market. Here you will often find offers for fruit and vegetables. These are also often more sustainable products! Finally, compare products online. It would be a shame if you buy something that is identical through another provider but has a higher price.

Save money in the household with iBilly

Saving money on your household can be a lot easier once you’ve downloaded the iBilly app! This gives you an immediate overview of your finances. You can also set savings goals so that you can ultimately use your saved money for something more valuable.

The iBilly app is 100% secure and uses highly secured connections to protect your data.

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