Saving money at home: how can I do this better?

Have you been planning to spend less for some time, but do you still notice that it still doesn’t quite work out? Then a number of steps need to be taken in your living habits, including: awareness. iBilly is an app to manage your finances. You can also create savings goals so that you have something to look forward to. In this article we will give you advice on how you can cut costs at home.

Do you know what you spend?

Often it is the smaller, recurring expenses that make saving so difficult. Think of a coffee to go at the station. Or some extra groceries that you didn’t really need but still packed in the supermarket. These are actually moments that you easily overlook because it is only a small expense. Yet all these impulse purchases at the end of the month result in an unnecessary pile of money.

Awareness is the right insight here. You can create this by keeping a written record of your expenses. It is even more convenient to keep track of your expenses digitally. With the iBilly app, your expenses can be automatically synchronized by linking your bank transactions to the app. This gives you more control over your expenses and you make well-considered buying choices. On to the austerity at home.

Tips for economizing at home

Saving money actually means: saving on your expenses by reducing them. So live more economically. So live more economically. But it actually also means: smarter handling of your money. By living with a more conscious spending pattern, you may also get a simpler life. And that really isn’t a bad thing. Think of: an occasional outing that costs a little more money and also gets beautiful moments out of the little things. But how do you do this?

Start with the fixed expenses such as a television or telephone subscription. Do you use this a lot? Nowadays there are so many streaming services in terms of television that you may be able to save a lot on this every year. As for a phone plan, you might ask yourself, do you really need a new one every two years? Or can it last a little longer and do you go for savings with sim-only? Analyze your unnecessary fixed costs and check with yourself whether they are really worth your money. You can already save on a number of expenses at home!

Save money at home with iBilly

Saving money at home can be so much easier once you’ve downloaded the iBilly app! This gives you an immediate overview of your finances. You can also set savings goals so that you can ultimately use your saved money for something more valuable. The iBilly app is 100% secure and uses highly secured connections to protect your data.

Would you like to get started with our handy app? Download the iBilly app for free and start managing your income and expenses right away. If you want to use extra functions, you can choose one of our subscriptions. Do you have some questions for us? Feel free to contact our customer service so we can help you.

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