Saving for your retirement

Is it necessary to save for your pension? It appears that 10% of employees do not receive a good pension scheme from their employer. That is why it is important to thoroughly immerse yourself in this. What exactly are the options when you have to take care of your pension yourself? How can you save for your retirement yourself? We answer these questions and tell you how the handy iBilly app can help you.

How is your pension arranged?

Do you know exactly how your pension is arranged? For 1 in 10 employees it appears that the pension has not been properly arranged by the employer. In that case you will have to take care of your pension yourself. It is important to consult with your employer about a good pension scheme. Maybe your employer can do more in this than you thought beforehand.

If it is nevertheless necessary to arrange something for your pension yourself, this can be done in various ways. For example, you can sell your house and partly use the surplus value for your pension. Another option is to pay off your mortgage faster so that you have fewer monthly costs during your retirement. It is also possible to use an annuity bank savings product. You can deposit money here monthly or annually and the bank invests with it. On the maturity date you buy a benefit for your pension from this money. However, you can also save for your pension yourself. Find out how it works.

Saving for your retirement yourself

Do you have to take care of your own pension completely? Do you have a lot of costs and do you want to arrange a supplement to your pension? In both cases, saving for your retirement yourself is a good idea. The advantage of this is that you are always in control of your money. It is wise to open a separate savings account to save for your retirement. Keep track of your savings goal and how much money you want to set aside monthly or annually. It is also possible to invest with the saved money. Ultimately, you build up a nice capital for your retirement. You have to pay tax on this capital. How much that is depends on the amount of capital.

The iBilly app makes it easy for you

Saving is easy with the iBilly app. You can easily add savings goals in the app. That way you keep track of your ultimate goal, how much you set aside monthly or annually and how much you have already saved. This allows you to keep an overview and that gives you peace of mind. In addition, you can also list your income and expenses in the app by synchronizing your bank transactions. Adding budgets is also an option. The iBilly app also automatically calculates future expectations so that you are not faced with surprises. Finally, the app is completely safe thanks to its highly secured connections. Your data will only be shared with people of your choice, such as your partner.

Curious about the iBilly app? Ready to start saving for your retirement? Download the free iBilly app directly or ask all your questions at our customer service.

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