Saving for your holiday

Have you been dreaming of that wonderful sun holiday to Curaçao for a long time? An adventurous tour through America? That unforgettable safari in Africa? Or would you rather have a nice holiday in France with the whole family? Anyway, going on vacation often costs a lot of money. But saving for your vacation is sometimes easier said than done. That is why we give you all the tips you need to easily save for your dream holiday. Read on quickly or download the free iBilly app nowfor help with saving.

Set a savings goal

Saving, how do you actually do that? Most people put some money aside every month in their savings account. Yet the temptation is great to use the money. This often means that saving does not work out well. That is why it is wiser to set a savings goal. That is a clear plan to save towards your specific goal. You first determine your goal, in this case that is saving for your holiday. Determine which holiday it concerns and how much money you need for it. Divide the amount by the number of months in which you want to save the money. You now have the amount that you need to set aside each month. It is also wise to use a separate savings account for your savings goal. That way, you won’t be tempted to use the money. This makes saving for your holiday a success!

Even more tips to save money

In addition to creating a savings goal, it can be useful to start saving money in various ways. This ensures that you can save more money each month for your holiday. We give you some extra tips to save money:

  • Make a clear overview of all your income and expenses. You often find out that you are making small expenses that you can save on. A financial overview can help you to quickly spot excessive or unnecessary expenses.
  • Work with budgets. By setting a budget, you will never spend more money than you had previously determined. This prevents you from making unnecessary impulse purchases and ensures that you can save more money for your holiday.
  • Shop smart. Buy fruits and vegetables at the market. Use a shopping list so that you don’t take unnecessary products with you. Look at the bottom of the shelves where the cheaper brands are. Never go shopping when you are hungry. All useful tips to save money on your groceries.

Download the free iBilly app

Set up a savings goal to save for your vacation, determine budgets, make an overview of your income and expenses… This can take a lot of time. That is why we have developed the handy iBilly app! With our app you can set and track savings goals quickly and easily. But that’s not all. By adding your bank transactions, the app automatically creates a complete and up-to-date overview of all your income and expenses. You can add and monitor budgets. The smart app also automatically calculates future expectations so that you are never faced with financial surprises. The app is 100% safe through the use of highly secured connections. Your data is stored encrypted and is only available to you. In the app you can indicate whether you want to share this data with people of your choice, such as your partner. Keeping track of your finances is made easy with iBilly.

Do you want to start saving for your holiday? Want to get your finances in order? Download the iBilly app for free and take control of your money back. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you through our customer service.

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