Save money drastically with the iBilly app

Have you accidentally misjudged your income and expenses? And do you realize that in the middle of the month you are just a little too short to make it to the end? Then you may still have some time to save money drastically. Saving money drastically is also useful if you need enough money in a short period of time for a major expense.

Tips to drastically save money

Ideally you would like the miracle cure to drastically save money, but it is actually not that surprising. It all comes down to spending less money. You can divide these expenses into fixed costs and other expenditures. With other expenditure we are talking about everything that you can classify in the category of leisure activities.

Drastically save on your fixed costs

It may be a bit more difficult, saving on your fixed costs and yet it is possible! You can think of a cheaper energy subscription, but also, for example, a subscription to a TV/telephone provider. Fixed costs can be anything, as long as it comes down to recurring costs. It is good to consider whether that one magazine subscription is still so attractive. And do you still watch a lot of television or do you generally use streaming services? Another consideration is your phone plan: do you necessarily want the latest of the latest? The fixed costs mentioned above are clearly recognizable. Start by analyzing these costs for yourself: this can be a good start to saving money drastically. A nice tip for shopping is to use Scoupy. Here you have various cashback promotions on all kinds of supermarket products.

Drastically save on leisure activities

It is of course wonderful to escape from the daily grind of life every now and then. However, the image is often sketched that you then take the plane to your desired destination. Of course this doesn’t have to be any better! There are plenty of beautiful places in Europe that you can drive to or discover a bit more of the Netherlands. You can also choose to take the train, then you are also a bit more environmentally conscious. A handy tip is to use Vakantieveilingen or Ticketveiling. Here you can make an offer on your outing or holiday destination.

How can iBilly help you?

Are you looking for that little bit of extra overview of all your income and expenses? So that you can immediately start saving money? Then download the iBilly app now. You can also set personal savings goals. Discover your new (digital) housekeeping book and go for a financial overview.

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