Dutch money saving start-up iBilly’s user rates soar after partnering with Klarna Kosma

Launched in 2021, iBilly is a budgeting app which uses AI technology to enable users to streamline their bank accounts, budgets and saving goals all in one place. Whether users want to save for a retirement or get on the property ladder, the app provides them with insights into their current and future financial situation by retrieving and categorizing transactions. This gives them an ideal overview of their income and expenses on a daily basis.

Mo Radjab, CEO of iBilly said:

 “Working with Klarna Kosma has enabled us to accelerate ahead of our competitors by connecting us with banks across Europe and helping us to attract a huge increase in users. Our partnership means we can focus on innovating the app to generate smarter insights to help our users budget, save and maintain healthy finances – which is our ultimate goal.”

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