More possibilities in financial management with iBilly Navigator

It’s not only a web version of the mobile app, which perform all the same functions, but a platfom that uses the advantages of web patterns.

Improved navigation simplifies data access

Time to get a better grip of your household accounts and finances. Settle all of your expenditures using a single conveniently structured app.

Brand new File Storage

This new feature will help you to manage your saved documents more flexibly, both linked to transactions and separate ones.

Inbox Folder

When you get email with documents, invoices, etc. the files are automatically dropped into Inbox Folder. It is convenient to redistribute files, received from different counterparties.

Transactions Folder

All documents and images linked to transactions are grouped in this folder as shortcuts. This file can be stored in any custom folder, but it can be easily found in the Transactions.

Linking an image to a transaction

Any file can be linked to a transaction and vice versa.
This is useful to store receipts, warranty docs, photos of items that have been rented, etc.

For the entire household

Take care of the finances for all members of your household.

Share what you want with everyone you want

A flexible customization system will help you specify with whom to share your loyalty card, with whom to save for a common goal.

Whatever you come up with – you can do it with iBilly Navigator.

Maximum security and privacy

iBilly rests on security and privacy by design as its cornerstones. Which is why we only use secure connections and we fully comply with all privacy laws and regulations.

Encryption and storage

We properly look after your data. And we do not sell your data. There is no need to either. We charge a small fee to maintain our services.