Monthly Expense Overview in the iBilly App

Do you know your exact monthly income and expenses? There’s a good chance you know it “approximately”. Often, more money is spent than you think in advance. It’s often the small purchases or the daily coffee-to-go at the station that make the difference. By keeping track of your expenses, you become more aware of them. Read on to discover our tips for tracking expenses.

Tracking Monthly Expenses as a Guideline

Perhaps you’ve landed here because you want to save money, or you have a nice savings goal in mind. In either case, iBilly can support you. It’s mainly about the question: “How much do I spend each month?”. In that case, it’s important to create a clear overview for yourself. In the iBilly app, you can easily track your finances. You can also set savings goals, which often provide extra motivation because you can manage your progress.

More Possibilities with iBilly

In addition to the monthly expense overview, you can do even more with iBilly. The iBilly app can take a lot of work off your hands. Who manually keeps track of their finances in 2023? Digital is much easier and more manageable! The following features are combined within the monthly overview:

  • Linking bank transactions
  • Future predictions for finances
  • Set budgets
  • Set savings goals

You can also share this data with a person of your choice. That way, you can work together on the monthly overview. Additionally, the app is also suitable for storing customer loyalty cards. Convenient, you never have to search for them when you need them!

Download the app for free 

Our app is easy to use. As you have read, it offers many different benefits. The app also complies with all safety and privacy laws and uses heavily encrypted connections. Download the app directly and view the overview of your monthly expenses. You can also choose from one of our subscriptions. Do you have any further questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and happy to help.

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