Monitoring your monthly expenses? Discover how we keep our finances in balance

Financial stability is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Managing your expenses and planning your budget can be difficult, but it is crucial if you want to achieve your financial goals and lead a life without financial stress. In this article, we discuss how we manage our monthly expenses and how you too can keep your finances in balance. If you prefer to get started right away, download iBilly: the app to get your finances in order and keep them that way.

An overview of our monthly expenses

As a first step, we have created an overview of our monthly expenses. This means that we have listed all income and expenses, including fixed costs such as rent, gas, water, and electricity, as well as variable costs such as groceries, going out, and clothing. This overview provides a clear picture of our financial situation.

The importance of an emergency fund

An emergency fund is an important part of our financial planning. This is an amount that we set aside for unexpected expenses, such as a broken washing machine or an unexpected medical bill. We have learned that having an emergency fund saves us a lot of financial stress and enables us to act quickly when needed.

Creating a budget

Creating a budget is essential to manage our monthly expenses. We have created a realistic budget that fits our financial situation and goals. This means that we prioritize and focus on what is really important. We make sure that we have enough money each month to pay our fixed costs and replenish our emergency fund, but also to save for our goals and to do fun things.

Tips for saving on your expenses

There are many ways to save on your expenses and keep your budget in balance. Here are some tips that have helped us keep our finances in order:

  • Use discount codes and offers
  • Only buy what you need
  • Cook at home instead of going out to eat
  • Plan your meals ahead
  • Lower your energy bill by using LED lighting, for example
  • Compare prices and choose the best deals
  • Go for second-hand or refurbished products

The importance of financial education

Finally, financial education is crucial to achieve your financial goals and keep your monthly expenses in balance. This means that you need to educate yourself about personal finance, investing, taxes, and other financial topics. There are many resources available, such as books, online courses, and financial advisors. It is important to understand how to effectively manage and invest your money to achieve your financial goals and secure your future.

An example of a budget

To give you an idea of what a budget might look like, we have created an example budget. Please note that this is just an example and your own budget will depend on your personal situation and goals.

Gas, Water, Electricity€120
Phone and internet€50
Fun activities€100
Emergency fund€200
Budget example

This budget is based on a monthly income of €2,000. As you can see, we have prioritized our fixed costs and emergency fund, but we have also made room for saving and having fun.

Manage your monthly expenses

Managing your expenses per month can be a challenge, but it is essential to achieve financial stability. By creating an overview of your income and expenses, setting up an emergency fund, creating a budget, and saving on your expenses, you can keep your finances in balance. Remember that financial education is also crucial to achieving your financial goals. We hope this article has helped you understand how to manage your expenses per month and achieve your financial goals.

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  • Add budgets
  • Set savings goals
  • Share data, for example with your partner
  • Digitize your loyalty cards
  • And much more!

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