Loyalty card system

A loyalty card is handy, but you probably always lose it. You are in the store and want to take advantage of a discount, but where is that pass again? We have found the solution: the iBilly app. Our handy loyalty card system ensures that you always have all your cards at hand. This allows you to take advantage of a discount in every store. But our app can do much more. Discover all the features and take control of your money back. Read how we can help you.

One system for all your loyalty cards

A loyalty card offers many advantages, but keeping a card at hand is very inconvenient. You will always see that you have lost or do not have the pass with you when you are in the store. That is why we have devised a handy system: the iBilly app. Add your loyalty card in the app so that you always have it at hand. You can add as many loyalty cards as you want. When you are in the store you can always take advantage of a discount. Simply show the loyalty card in our app to take advantage of all the benefits. That’s easy!

Many benefits with a loyalty card

A loyalty card offers many advantages. You can take advantage of all kinds of offers and discounts. Customers without a pass do not receive this benefit. Some loyalty cards work with a savings system. You can save and keep points. Sometimes such a loyalty card works with a system where you can earn extra points by watching a short video or sharing a social media message. In addition, loyalty card holders will be the first to get access to the latest products and fun events. You want that too, don’t you?

Download the app

The iBilly app is more than just a handy system for your loyalty card. In our app you can add bank accounts so that transactions are automatically synchronized. This ensures that you always have access to an up-to-date overview of all your income and expenses. You can even add them to categories. Share your data with people of your choice and automatically view calculated future expectations so that you are not faced with surprises. iBilly puts you in control of your money back. Add budgets and savings goals to keep your finances in order. Download the free iBilly app now to get started right away!

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