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Loyalty cards, everyone wants to take advantage of all the benefits they offer! Many stores work with loyalty cards to offer their regular customers extra benefits. But taking cards everywhere with you is sometimes quite inconvenient. We tell you everything about loyalty cards and what the benefits are. We will then explain to you which smart solution we have come up with for those cards! We’re talking about our handy loyalty card app. Read on quickly to find out everything.

Why use loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards are offered by many different stores and offer you all kinds of benefits. We list them for you:

  • With loyalty cards you can take advantage of all kinds of discounts and offers. Customers without a loyalty card will not receive these offers.
  • Some loyalty cards work with a savings system. You can save points for, for example, free products or extra discounts. Sometimes you can earn points in fun ways through simple actions, for example watching a video, playing a game or sharing a social media message.
  • You can often participate in special promotions with loyalty cards. For example, customers who have a card are the first to gain access to new products. Sometimes you can even get personal advice (for example about clothing) or go to an event exclusively for loyalty card holders.
  • With a loyalty card you will always be the first to be informed of the latest offers and news.

Collect them in the iBilly app!

All those cards are not easy to use at all. You must always keep them with you and when you are at the store you will often find out that you have forgotten the loyalty card. That’s why we developed the iBilly app for you! You can add as many loyalty cards as you want in our handy app. When you are in the store, you easily have all your loyalty cards at hand. By showing the loyalty cards on the app you can take advantage of all the benefits and discounts! That way you can never forget the cards and you will not miss any discounts.

Our app also contains many more useful functions. For example, adding your bank transactions, an overview of your income and expenses, sharing data with people of your choice, setting budgets, automatically calculated future expectations, and more!

Would you like to add all your loyalty cards in our app? Download the iBilly app for free! You can also opt for one of our subscriptions if you want to use various extra functions.

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