Learning to save on groceries

You have probably noticed that the price of groceries has risen sharply in recent times. It seems that inflation will reach 20% by the end of this year. Groceries prices are now more than 11% higher than six months previously. Unfortunately, nothing can be changed about this and we will all have to deal with this. The fact that you cannot change this does not prevent you from doing so with regard to the choices in your spending pattern. Do you want to learn how to save on groceries? iBilly supports you in this.

Where do you start when it comes to saving?

Whether it’s shopping or, for example, shopping for clothes, expenses are expenses. You can structurally reduce this by first being aware of your expenses. This way you get a clear picture and you know what you need to change without experiencing your monthly shock when you go through your bank statements. Overview is so important when it comes to saving. If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you can’t change it. It is often the multiple impulse purchases that cause you to spend too much on a structural basis. Try to be aware of this and eventually do something about it. A tip for the larger purchases: give yourself two weeks to think about a purchase. This way you will see that you do change your mind when it comes to certain wishes. This way you save a nice amount of money. Another great tip: set savings goals for yourself. That way you can really look forward to the moment of purchase and it is also well thought out.

How do I save on groceries?

But: saving groceries is a different story. You probably know it, you go to the supermarket for a few essentials and come home with a full bag. That is why the tip before you go shopping is: make a list! And follow it of course. This reduces the chance that you make impulse purchases. Also pay attention to offers and respond to them, so you can save a lot. And: don’t go shopping if you’re hungry or hungry! This greatly increases the chance that you will buy some extra groceries that are completely unnecessary. It remains difficult, but it is actually all about awareness.

How can I better control my expenses?

Creating awareness and creating an overview go hand in hand. iBilly is the digital app that can realize this for you. By getting your finances in order, you know exactly what you’re spending. In the app you can link all your expenses and upload your receipts. You can also set savings goals. Fun to work towards! The iBilly app is also 100% safe and uses highly secured connections so that your data is protected.

Would you like to get started with our handy app? Download the iBilly app for free and start saving money right away. If you want to use extra functions, you can choose one of our subscriptions. Do you have some questions for us? Feel free to contact our customer service so we can help you.

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