Keeping a household book

We all know how important it is to keep our household book in order. Keeping a household book is a simple way to know where we spend our money and how we can better manage our budget. A household book can help you keep your finances in order and achieve your financial goals. But writing everything down by hand in a book is not exactly handy. That’s why we developed iBilly. In our app, you have a complete overview of your finances at any time. Super handy!

How does keeping a household book work?

But how do you start keeping your household book? And how do you ensure that keeping your household book becomes a habit? We are happy to show you how to keep a household book and give you some tips to keep your finances in order.

Step 1: Make a list of your income and expenses

To keep your household book in order, it is important to know how much money you earn each month and how much you spend. Make a list of all your income and expenses, including your salary, allowances, rent or mortgage, groceries, bills, and other expenses. Good news, with the iBilly app you always have access to a complete and up-to-date overview of all your income and expenses. By linking your bank accounts, this overview is automatically synchronized. That saves a lot of work.

Step 2: Keep track of your expenses

Keep track of every expense you make, including small expenses such as coffee and snacks. This can be done manually with pen and paper or with a digital household book. By keeping track of your expenses, you can see where your money is going and where you can possibly save. With iBilly, this is a piece of cake. You can immediately see all your expenses and even add them to categories to keep track of them.

Step 3: Set a budget

Based on your income and expenses, you can now set a budget. Prioritize your expenses and determine how much you want to spend each month on groceries, bills, and leisure activities, for example. Easily add your budget to the iBilly app to keep a close eye on it.

Step 4: Keep track of your budget

Now that you have set a budget, it is important to keep track of your expenses to see if you are sticking to your budget. You can use a digital household book for this or keep track of your expenses manually. By keeping track of your budget, you can see where you can reduce your expenses or where you can save more. With iBilly, you always see immediately how your budget is doing.

Tips for keeping your household book

  • Make keeping your household book fun and easy by using the handy iBilly app.
  • Be realistic when setting your budget and take into account unexpected expenses.
  • Discuss your household book with your partner or family members to work together towards your financial goals.
  • Regularly check your household book to see if you are able to stick to your budget, where you can reduce your expenses or where you can save more.
  • Be flexible with your budget and adjust it when necessary. For example, when your income or expenses change.
  • Don’t be too strict and give yourself a small treat every now and then, but keep it within your budget.
  • Ask for help or advice when you can’t figure it out on your own. There are plenty of financial advisors and budget coaches who can help you with your household book.

Make it easy with iBilly! 

Keeping track of a household budget can help you keep your finances in order and achieve your financial goals. By keeping track of your income and expenses, creating a budget, and monitoring your spending, you can gain insight into your financial situation and reduce or save on expenses where necessary. Make keeping your household budget easy and enjoyable by using iBilly, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Ask for help or advice when you can’t figure it out yourself.

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