Your private administration: keep it up

It immediately sounds heavy: keeping up with your private administration. Nevertheless, it is recommended for everyone. You have more control over your income and expenses and it gives you more peace of mind. Rest because you don’t have to be shocked at the end of the month because some expenses were higher than you expected. But how do you keep your administration private as well as possible? Read it here.

Ways to monitor your administration

There are many ways to keep track of your private administration. Think of writing down in writing, this can be done by writing down your monthly expenses. Or, for example, by calculating the end of the month in one go. Some find this too much hassle and prefer to keep it digitally, such as in an Excel sheet or Spreadsheet. Countless ways and you have to figure out for yourself what you like best.

Tips: spend less than comes in

Saving is: spending less than comes in. Only then can you keep something on hand and you can therefore save. Of course you don’t necessarily have to save, it could also be that you just like to know how much you spend. Then it is smart to keep your administration private. But, what exactly can you save on? It makes sense that you have to make some changes if you want to save but you constantly spend too much money on outings such as dinners, vacations or the latest gadgets. Saving on your fixed costs is a bit more difficult because that means that you really have to change something in your daily habits. You can think of the following expenses: groceries, television/internet/telephone, energy. For groceries, you can, for example, make a shopping list so that you do not bring unnecessary groceries into your home, this can save you a lot of money on a monthly basis. This mainly includes impulse purchases. Think, for example, of that bar of chocolate at the cash register that you buy, which was actually not the intention at all. You could also keep an eye on the offers and use this as inspiration for your shopping. Working towards a purchase? Then you can use savings goals in the iBilly app. Monitor your expenses and also save for something valuable.

Benefits of the iBilly app

In our app you can keep your administration private in a simple way. This can be done through the following functions:

  • All your bank transactions can be linked so that they synchronize automatically. This is also possible if you have accounts with different banks.
  • All your current income and expenses are shown in one handy overview. You can also create categories if you find it easy.
  • You can share your data with people of your choice. Handy if, for example, you want to have insight into the finances with your partner.
  • It is possible to set budgets. As a result, you will never spend more money than you previously determined.
  • Savings goals are easy to add and ensure that you can save in a targeted manner.
  • Our smart app automatically calculates future expectations so that you are never faced with surprises.
  • It is possible to link all your loyalty cards to the iBilly app. This means you always have them at hand and you can benefit from a discount in the stores.

Download the free iBilly app

Does this sound convincing and do you want to monitor your administration privately in a digital way? Download iBilly directly for free. Our app is completely safe using highly secured connections. In addition, we comply with all privacy and security legislation. As a result, you can use our app with a sense of familiarity. If you prefer to use one of our subscriptions, that is also possible. We are happy to assist our customers and help you quickly with questions. Feel free to contact our customer service.

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