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Are you planning to manage your income and expenses? We think that’s a smart choice. This way, you can easily gain insight into your finances and see how everything is going at a glance. This may mean taking action, such as cutting back. By keeping track of your finances, you are choosing control. No more surprises for you. You can read more about what iBilly can do for you here.

The concept of iBilly

Managing finances. We fully support this idea and like to promote it at iBilly. You can easily link bank transactions so that your finances are automatically synchronized. Don’t like that? Then you can also choose to enter transactions manually. You can then categorize transactions for even more overview! You can link bank transactions for multiple people, making it easier to manage finances together. There are a few more options:

  • Set budgets to ensure that you never spend more money than you had planned.
  • You can easily set savings goals in the app. Seeing progress motivates you to save more!
  • Add all your customer cards to the app. No more carrying around a huge stack of cards. You also never miss out on discounts and promotions.
  • Never be surprised again with the automatic future expectations that our smart app calculates for you.

All this information provides more insight, which allows you to set sharper goals for yourself. You can also be sure that the iBilly app is secure. It complies with all GDPR rules and privacy laws and uses heavily encrypted connections. So no worries. You can use the income and expenses app with peace of mind.

The power of managing finances

A few years ago, people also kept track of their finances, but it was done in writing. Now, much of it is digitized, including the household book. In addition, more and more can be synchronized, taking even more work off your hands. However, the essence of a household book remains unchanged.

Awareness is the goal. By keeping track of your finances, you get a clear overview of your expenses. You can see exactly where your money is going. This allows you to identify patterns at a certain point. By recognizing these patterns, you can take steps to reduce your expenses or set savings goals.

An income and expenses app can also reduce stress. By keeping track of your finances and feeling in control, you may feel less stressed about your financial situation. It also takes little time. Check out all the features of the iBilly app here.

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