Household budget with examples

Do you have a good understanding of what you spend monthly? If so, would you like to reduce these expenses? Or do you simply want more control over your spending? Managing your finances can help with this. At iBilly, we are happy to show you the best way to approach this. We will show you an example of a household budget. Discover more and read on quickly.

What is a household budget exactly?

A household budget is known as a document in which household expenses such as groceries, utilities, and possibly household help are recorded. The goal of a household budget is to create an overview. Income and expenses are compared. For example, you can easily see if you are satisfied with your spending pattern. The handwritten household budget originated in the first half of the 20th century. By keeping track of expenses, people could save money. They simply didn’t have much to spend. Nowadays, we are in the “digital age,” and handwritten household budgets are a bit of a thing of the past. By linking systems together, the household budget is kept up-to-date and everything can be seen in one overview.

Discover the iBilly digital household budget

In the iBilly app or web version, you can use our digital household budget. By automatically synchronizing bank transactions or setting savings goals, you create more control over your expenses. Or, you realize that you can still go to that nice holiday destination! It’s about that piece of awareness that iBilly can support you in. The iBilly product aims to keep track of all your finances. We support digitization and therefore strive for it. In the iBilly app, you can link different components together. In our handy app, you can keep track of the following functions:

  • All your finances (income and expenses) in one overview
  • Bank transactions are automatically synchronized
  • You can link all your customer cards
  • Budgets can be set
  • You can add savings goals
  • Future expectations are automatically calculated
  • You can share data with selected persons

iBilly is your example household budget

Saving money on your household can be much easier once you have downloaded the iBilly app! This gives you immediate insight into your finances. You can also set savings goals so that you can eventually use your saved money for something more valuable.

The iBilly app is 100% safe and uses heavily secured connections to protect your data.

Are you interested in getting started with our handy app? Download the iBilly app for free and start saving money on your groceries right away. If you want to use additional features, you can choose one of our subscriptions. Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to contact our customer service so we can assist you.

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