Household book: with examples

Are you aware of exactly what you spend each month? If so, would you like to reduce these expenses? Or do you simply want more control over your expenses? From iBilly we are happy to tell you how you can organize this at its best. We show an example of how you can organize a household book. Discover more and read on quickly.

What exactly is a housekeeping book?

A household book is known as a document in which household expenses such as groceries, provisions and possibly help with the household are kept. The purpose of a household book is to create an overview. Income and expenditure are contrasted. This way you can see if it is necessary to cut costs. Or another reason: whether there is still room for luxury expenses. The handwritten household book originated in the first half of the 20th century. The target audience is: housewives. By keeping a close eye on expenses, savings could be made. There was simply not much to spend. Nowadays we are in the ‘digital age’ and handwritten household books are no longer an issue. By linking systems together, it is kept up to date in an automated way and you can see everything in one overview.

Digital household book from iBilly

The iBilly product aims to keep track of all your finances. We support digitization and that is why we also strive for this in our product. In the iBilly app you can link different parts with each other. In our handy app you can keep track of the following functions:

  • All your finances (income and expenses) are in one overview
  • Bank transactions are synced automatically
  • You can link all your loyalty cards
  • Budgets can be set
  • You can add savings goals
  • Future expectations are calculated automatically
  • You can share data with people of your choice

iBilly is your example household book

Saving money on your household can be a lot easier once you’ve downloaded the iBilly app! This gives you an immediate overview of your finances. You can also set savings goals so that you can ultimately use your saved money for something more valuable. The iBilly app is 100% secure and uses highly secured connections to protect your data.

Would you like to get started with our handy app? Download the iBilly app for free and start saving money on your groceries right away. If you want to use extra functions, you can choose one of our subscriptions. Do you have some questions for us? Feel free to contact our customer service so that we can help you.

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