Home administration: how do I deal with it?

Tax documents and bank statements… Normally, you don’t want to see them on your doorstep. However, it’s important to have these documents in order to prevent problems. So, review them carefully upon receipt and make sure to organize them neatly. In this article, we provide tips on how to do this best. The iBilly app can also assist you with this. Keep reading to learn more.

What belongs to home administration?

Home administration mainly covers work-related but also personal matters. In terms of work-related documents, these are mainly related to your contract. Think of an annual statement or monthly payslips, for example. In addition, under the heading of ‘personal matters’, there are important documents such as tax papers. Many people do not check these documents because they assume everything is correct. However, errors can still occur as it often involves human work. Therefore, check them carefully and keep the documents in case you need them later.

Managing your home administration

In addition to storing your documents, it’s also useful to organize them. This way, you are less likely to lose important home administration documents. If you have ongoing statements, you’ll be glad they are neatly bundled! You can choose to organize your home administration in a folder or opt for a more time-saving option by digitizing your home administration. This is now possible with the iBilly Navigator (web version). With our new file storage feature, you can easily store all your important home administration documents. You can also link them to transactions, which is useful for receipts and warranties. This makes organizing home administration even more fun.

Help, I want to save more!

Looking at your home administration might make you want to have more control over your finances. This can be achieved by making small changes. For example, bringing your own food to work instead of buying a sandwich in the cafeteria can make a difference on a monthly basis. In the iBilly app, you can choose to automatically synchronize your expenses. We are happy to help you create insight into your finances.
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