Home administration: how to deal with it?

Tax papers, account statements… you prefer not to get them. Nevertheless, it is important that you have this documentation in order. So read them carefully after receipt and make sure you organize them neatly. In this article we give tips on how to do this best. The iBilly app can also help you with this. Read on.

What is meant by home administration?

With home administration we are mainly talking about work-related but certainly also about personal stuff. At work-related level, these are mainly documents related to your contract, an annual statement, but also the monthly pay slips. In addition, of course, you have the tax papers. It is often assumed with work-related administration that this does not need to be checked. However, it is human work so it’s possible to find a mistake. So check it carefully and save it in case you want to view or need it for other things. You can also have administration on a personal level. Think, for example, of mortgage data, documentation about your insurance policies and pension data. And don’t forget: contracts from your internet provider and your energy supplier.

Tips for dealing with home administration

The golden tip of dealing with home administration is really: organizing. Sometimes pending statements are forgotten. This often has to do with the fact that they get lost or even thrown away. If you teach yourself to immediately organize it in a (digital) folder, for example by category, you will notice that this will occur less or even no longer! You also know exactly how you are doing at that moment, which means less stress in the long term.

How can iBilly help you with your home administration?

iBilly can help you organize! The iBilly app has the function: creating an overview. Budgets and savings goals can also be set. Set limits and count down to that funny activity. Take back control of your own administration. You’ll find that organizing home administration can even be fun.

Download iBilly directly for free. Our app is completely safe using highly secured connections. In addition, we comply with all privacy and security legislation. As a result, you can use our app with a sense of familiarity. If you prefer to use one of our subscriptions, that is also possible. We are happy to assist our customers and help you quickly with questions. Feel free to contact our customer service.

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