Help with administration

Keeping track of your administration is sometimes quite difficult. You probably know it: a folder full of important statements and receipts and then exactly the same in a few other places. It is also often difficult to get this administration together. Keeping all papers in one central place is therefore very convenient. With iBilly, besides organizing, even more functions are possible. Find out in this article.

Create overview

There is an essential difference between having your finances ‘out of control’ and receiving some ‘extra support’ in your finances. There are so many different income and expenditure flows that you may no longer see the wood for the trees. This can be monthly, but certainly also weekly or daily expenses. Within the extra piece of support in your finances, the function ‘savings goals‘ could help you. You may have a big expense ahead of you but find it difficult to work towards it. With a savings goal you create that overview and it gradually motivates you towards that goal. It is also possible that you do not get by with a weekly item of expenditure such as groceries. Because you create a jar with the maximum amount you spend on those groceries, it is often easier, purely because you create more awareness in this way. In fact, iBilly is mainly about the bit of help within your administration. The bit of control is more important than you think!

Extra help with administration

In addition to savings goals, there are a number of other functions that you can use if you choose the iBilly app. This concerns assistance with administration such as:

  • Make the link with your bank account
  • PDF reports of your buying behaviour
  • Maintaining a budget
  • Discounts for various stores
  • The ability to share your finance management with your partner
  • Document storage
  • Prior support

Finally, you can choose between the app or the web version. From then on you say ‘hello’ to an organized life! Do you have any questions or are there any uncertainties? Then we’re glad to help. Have you become enthusiastic? Then try the iBilly app right away and discover your help with administration.

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