Fixed Costs of Renting a Home: What are they?

Whether you’re renting or buying a home, you’ll have to deal with fixed costs. It’s wise to take these costs into account in your budget. iBilly provides an overview of these fixed costs, specifically for renting a home. We’ll also show you how to create an overview for yourself so you’re never caught off guard. Read on to learn more.

Do you have a social or private rental home?

There are two types of rental homes: social and private rental homes. These two types of homes have different fixed costs. Social rental homes are available under certain conditions and are dependent on your monthly income. You may also have to be put on a waiting list before you can rent a social rental home. Private rental homes do not have a waiting list, but some landlords have income requirements, so you may not always qualify. Additionally, the rental prices of private homes are usually much higher than those of social rental homes.

What are the fixed costs of renting a home?

Now that you know the difference between social and private rental homes, let’s take a look at the fixed costs associated with renting a home. The fixed costs of renting a home can include:

  • Rent: This is the most important fixed cost. The rental price is determined by the size of the home, the location, and the condition of the home.
  • Service costs: These are costs for communal areas, such as stairwells, elevators, and gardens. Cleaning and lighting costs may also fall under service costs.
  • Gas, water, and electricity: These are variable costs and are determined by your own usage. It’s important to use gas, water, and electricity sparingly to save on costs.
  • Internet and TV: These are optional costs, but many people choose to have internet and TV in their rental homes.
  • Municipal taxes: These are taxes you pay to the municipality, such as waste disposal tax and sewer tax.
  • Create an overview of your fixed costs

iBilly provides you with an overview

The fixed costs of renting a home can vary per household. There may also be subcategories within these fixed costs. Consider keeping your administration private, so you can oversee all your expenses. You can do this digitally with our iBilly app, which you can download for free. You can link your bank transactions in the app, so they are automatically synchronized. You can also set budgets to limit certain expenses.

Our app is completely safe to use, with the use of heavily secured connections. Additionally, we comply with all privacy and security regulations, so you can use our app with confidence. If you prefer to use one of our subscriptions, that’s also possible. We are always ready to help our customers and quickly answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

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