Fixed costs for rental property: what do they consist of?

Whether you are going to live in a rental home or owner-occupied home, you will in any case have to deal with fixed costs. These costs can be variable, but they do recur monthly. iBilly gives you more information on this topic and shows you how to create an overview for yourself so that you are never faced with surprises. Discover more.

Social or private rental home

Rental housing consists of two different types. This is important because this also differs in the fixed costs of a rental home. There are social or private rental properties. However, you are not free to choose from this. You are only eligible for social housing under certain conditions. This depends on your monthly income and then you will be placed on a long waiting list. The difference with a private rental home is that you can come here without a waiting list. Some landlords of private rental properties also have an income requirement, so you may not always be eligible for the relevant rental property. Rents for private homes are also much higher.

Fixed costs rental property

On average, the Dutch paid no less than €775 in rent per month in 2021. This is the average of social and private rent combined. In addition, there is generally an annual increase. These are the largest fixed costs of the rental property. Of course there are a number of fixed costs on top of that, such as:

  • Service costs such as maintenance costs. This often involves minor maintenance, such as a broken central heating boiler or a leak. This also depends on the rental contract.
  • Gas, water and light costs.
  • Insurance such as home contents insurance and liability insurance.
  • Sewage and waste levy and water board tax. These fixed costs for rental housing differ per municipality. You pay it annually.
  • TV, internet and telephone charges. These do not have to be standard, but for the vast majority of people these fixed costs are often part of it.

iBilly gives you an overview

The mentioned fixed costs for rental property may differ per household. A number of subcategories may also fall under this. It is therefore wise to create an overview here. For example, consider keeping your administration private. This can also be done digitally with our iBilly app, which you can download for free. Your bank transactions can be linked in the app so that they are automatically synchronized. Budgets can also be set so that you do not spend more than you had previously determined.

Our app is completely safe using highly secured connections. In addition, we comply with all privacy and security legislation. As a result, you can use our app with a sense of familiarity. If you prefer to use one of our subscriptions, that is also possible. We are happy to assist our customers and help you quickly with questions. Feel free to contact our customer service.

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