Do you want to save money? 5 useful tips!

It’s no longer a secret, everything is getting more expensive and our salaries don’t always rise. This can sometimes get you in trouble. Saving money is therefore becoming increasingly important. But how exactly do you do that? Do you actually know exactly what your income and expenses are? We give you 5 handy tips to save money. Use the handy iBilly app to save more and take control of your money back. Before you know it you will have money left over for fun things!

Tip 1: Your income and expenses at a glance

When you want to start saving money, it is important to list all your income and expenses. Then you really see clearly where the (most) money is going. Often there are many small expenses that you do not think about. In the handy iBilly app you can automatically synchronize all your bank transactions. As a result, you always have an up-to-date overview of all your income and expenses at hand. This way you can quickly track down small expenses that are actually not necessary. Sometimes you can replace certain expenses with cheaper alternatives. A good overview immediately offers opportunities to save money.

Tip 2: Make budgets

When you work with budgets, you never spend more money than you had previously determined. You regain control of your money. For example, draw up budgets for groceries, clothing or outings. That way you are always well prepared and you will never be shocked by your own expenses at the end of the month. Budgets can easily be added and monitored in the free iBilly app!

Tip 3: Saving? Stick to a savings goal

When you start saving money, you will notice that you have more left to save. It is wise to set one or more savings goals. What exactly do you want to save for? How much do you want to set aside per month for each savings goal? Think carefully about this in advance and then add your savings goal in the iBilly app. By working with a clear savings goal you stay motivated and you have a good chance of achieving your savings goal.

Tip 4: Look ahead

Do you ever get scared of unexpected costs? By mapping out future expenses, you will no longer be faced with surprises. You can account for large expenses by saving money in advance. Think, for example, of replacing a washing machine, but also upcoming birthdays or holidays. The iBilly app automatically calculates future expectations so that you can see these kinds of expenses coming.

Tip 5: Smart shopping

When you do your shopping or go shopping, it is wise to be aware of this. For example, do you see a nice product that you would like to buy? Impulse purchases cause a lot of unnecessary costs. Try waiting a day before purchasing. Do you still want the product the next day? Then you can go back to buy it. You will often see that you no longer need to purchase the product the next day. This way you ensure that you only buy things that you really like and need.

Download the free iBilly app!

Saving money is sometimes quite a hassle, despite our handy tips. That’s why we recommend using the free iBilly app! This is where you manage all your money matters. Saving money is very easy with the iBilly app. Synchronize all your banking transactions, see your income and expenses at a glance, share transactions with people of your choice, set budgets and savings goals and automatically view calculated future expectations. In addition, the app is 100% safe thanks to highly secured connections.

Are you going to get started with our tips to save money? Download the free iBilly app directly or ask all your questions via our customer service. We are happy to help you quickly.

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