Calculating monthly expenses

Do you have any idea what you actually spend every month? It is wise to put this together! You often make a lot of small expenses that you don’t really think about. You might be shocked if you see all your expenses in a row. We tell you how it works to calculate all your monthly expenses and how our handy app can help you with that. Read on quick!

Calculate your monthly expenses

Your monthly expenses consist of your fixed costs. Think of the costs of your house, energy and gas, taxes, internet, insurance, car, clothing, groceries, etc. You can calculate your monthly expenses in different ways.

For example, look at the expenses you have made in the last six months or year. If you divide those costs by the number of months (in this case 6 or 12), you get a monthly amount. You now know the average amount that you spend each month.

Another possibility is writing down everything you spend for a month. If your monthly expenses change sometimes, you can also choose to track your expenses for 2 or 3 months. This is also a good way to calculate your monthly expenses. It becomes even more interesting if you guess how much you think you will spend in advance. Do this per category, for example for housing costs, groceries and your car. You will see that you misjudged some things after tracking your expenses!

Organize everything with the iBilly app!

With our app, calculating your monthly expenses becomes very easy! In the app you can synchronize all your bank transactions. You can see all your income and expenses in a simple overview. That way it is no longer necessary to calculate everything yourself.

The iBilly app also has many more useful functions. For example, sharing data with people of your choice, setting savings goals and budgets, automatically calculated future expectations and more! Would you like that too? Download the iBilly app for free or choose one of our subscriptions.

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