Budget management program 

Managing a budget can be done in several ways. For example, from within yourself by putting the income and expenses together every month. Some find this difficult and could use some help. There are various ‘budget management’ programs for this. iBilly is your online variant here! Read on for instructive tips.

The code to manage your budget

Managing a budget actually means that you have your budget in order administratively. What is generally meant is that you also have your budget under control. Do you come up with your monthly income and expenses exactly and do you also have savings left over? That is a goal for many people. Others are satisfied if they also achieve certain savings goals or arrive exactly at the end of the month. The code to get by at the end of the month is: keep more than you spend monthly. Very simple actually! Many still find this a difficult point. This often has to do with the fact that they overlook the expenses.

Budget management program

You can manage your budget in different ways. In the past they had the ‘housekeeping book’. This was based on a document that tracked household expenses such as groceries, domestic help and amenities. At the time, this was a form of a ‘budget management’ program. In 2022 this will be different. Now you can keep track of it digitally in Excel and even online budget help. This is also possible with iBilly. iBilly is your digital budget management coach. You can even set savings goals and limits. This way you become the boss of your own wallet!

iBilly is ready for you

Do you think it would be nice and relieving to get that little bit of extra overview of all your income and expenses? So that you can immediately get started with your ‘budget management’ program? Then download the iBilly app now. You can also set personal savings goals. Discover your new (digital) housekeeping book and go for a financial overview.

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