iBilly: Household Budgeting in One App

Many families keep a household budget to keep track of their finances. It helps you know exactly what your income and expenses are so you don’t face unpleasant surprises. But let’s face it, keeping track of everything can be a lot of work. You might even forget to write things down sometimes. We believe this can be much easier. That’s why we’ve developed an app you can use as your household budget. Learn more in this article.

Make Saving Easier

Do you not know exactly what your income and expenses are? You’re not alone. With our app, you can easily keep a household budget where all your income and expenses are organized. Your bank transactions are automatically synchronized, even if you have accounts with different banks. Then you can categorize transactions so you get a complete and clear overview. You’ll see where you’re (unconsciously) spending money right away.

Awareness Works Wonders

A household budget is a helpful tool for gaining insight. Then you can ask yourself, “How much can I still spend this month?” or “How much do I still need to save this month?” It’s awareness that often makes the difference. From that awareness, you can take action, like setting budgets or savings goals. You can find these two functions in the app too. The household budget can help you improve your financial situation and provide more financial stability and peace of mind.

Take Action: Savings Goals and Budgets

By working with budgets, you’ll never spend more money than you intended. Savings goals help you save money for a specific purpose. All indispensable tools if you want to be more conscious with your money. Research has also shown that working with budgets and savings goals leads to less financial stress.

Finally, the app automatically displays future expectations. You’ll immediately see an estimate of future income and expenses. That way, you’re prepared and won’t be caught off guard again.

Choose Safety

When it comes to your money, you want to rely on safety. In the iBilly app, you can decide with whom you want to share data. Share bank accounts or transactions with your partner so you both have an overview of your finances. You can even indicate with whom you want to share each transaction. Don’t want to share data anymore? You can stop at any time.

As you can see, you have full control in this handy household budgeting app. To ensure complete safety, we use heavily secured connections. We also comply with GDPR rules and legislation, ensuring your data is always safe. You can use our app with confidence.

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