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Do you want more control over your money? Want to see opportunities to save? No more money worries? Then it can be wise to list all your income and expenses. You often spend money on small things unnoticed. You will see that your income and expenses are different than you expected. Writing down all your expenses manually is a lot of work. That’s why we’ve developed the perfect app for your expenses! The app is also free. Discover all the useful functions.

An app for all your expenses

Keeping track of all your income and expenses is made easy with the iBilly app. In our app you can link all your bank transactions, even if you have accounts with different banks. This way you immediately get a complete overview of all your income and expenses. You can then also divide them into categories. You often immediately see opportunities to save. All in all, our spending app is ideal for getting a good overview of your financial situation. But that’s not all!

Budgets and Savings Goals

In the iBilly spending app, you can easily add budgets and savings goals. This will give you real control over your money. Setting budgets can be very wise. You will never spend more money than you previously determined. Savings goals help to save towards a specific goal. Do you want to make a long trip or buy a new car? With a savings goal you ensure that you actually achieve your goal.

Future expectations

What can you expect in the future? That is often the question. Fortunately, our intelligent app automatically calculates future expectations for you. This ensures that you gain insight into expected income and expenses. You will never again be faced with surprises in the future!

Linking loyalty cards

Do you know that? You are in the store and can get a discount, but then you must have your customer card with you. You have of course forgotten that! That’s a thing of the past with the iBilly spending app. You can link all your loyalty cards to the app, so that you always have them at hand. Then you can always take advantage of discounts and offers in every store.

Safety first

Security is important when it comes to your money, we understand that at iBilly. That is why you can share the data in our app with people of your choice. You can indicate per transaction whether you want to share it or not. In addition, you can switch to incognito mode at any time, so that no one can watch you anymore. Naturally, our app complies with all security legislation and we use highly secured connections.

Download the free iBilly app!

Download our free appto take advantage of allthese useful features! Prefer to use even more extra functions? Then choose one of our subscriptions. Thinking about it and have some questions about the iBilly spending app? We are happy to help you through our customer service.

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