Administer your finances without fuss

In charge of your own administration.

iBilly, Personal bookkeeping made cool and easy to use for everyone.

Get your receipt vault in order and info about your financial well-being. For the whole family.

Forget about a shoe box packed with receipts at home. Get a tighter leash on your budget or save up for a big purchase.

Avoid nasty bombshells and regain control of your own administration with iBilly.

The benefits at a glance

A single digital repository for myself and my family

Real-time view of expenditures and revenues at all times

Receipts, guarantee cards and policies logically structured in one location

Never lose another record. No more endless searching without result

Secure link-up with multiple bank account numbers

Including link-ups with foreign banks

Analyses of expenditures and bank accounts

Better understanding of my financial future

All finances in order without hassle!

iBilly Mobile App

From now on, you will have your digital household accounts close to hand and in order. At all times.

Never lose another receipt or guarantee card.

You know exactly where your finances are at,
now and in six months’ time.

iBilly Navigator — WEB version of iBilly App

Time to get a better grip of your household accounts and finances. Settle all of your expenditures using a single conveniently structured app.

iBilly Navigator is the best solution to keep your personal finances clear and organised.

Join our community of over 50 000+ users and feel the positive impact iBilly has on your life

Choose wisely

The subscriptions are tailored to a specific type of user. More features will be added over time.

How To

The iBilly app provides you insights into your actual and future financial situation by retrieving and categorizing your (bank) transactions as well as keeping track of your budgets and saving goals. This way you have the perfect overview of how you are doing every day. The app can also digitize loyalty cards so you don’t have to keep them with you to get that discount.

iBilly is designed to get an easy overview of all your expenses. That’s why you can categorize and tag transactions. When you have done that, you can get insights by looking at the statistics the app generates. iBilly is working with AI to automatically categorize the most of your transactions, but you can also do this manually.
You can share bank accounts, budgets, goals and loyalty cards. It’s not all or nothing, you can also share just 1 bank account or a single loyalty card.
Yes, when inviting you can determine what the other will be able to see per section. You can also change this afterwards. You can revoke or grant access per section or even per transaction.

Yes, you can use the app for free. You will be able to add transactions manually instead of having a bank account linked with automatic synchronization.

With a subscription you can link one or more bank accounts. By doing this your transactions will be fetched automatically every day. This saves a ton of manual work and you’ll have a good overview of all your transactions. With subscription you can also share your account (whole or partially) with someone else and work on budgets and goals together.

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